These 7 Kitchen Trends Are Already Coming in Hot for 2024

Layered, Understated Lighting: layering and versatility are the latest kitchen lighting trends. Instead of dramatic statement pendant lights over kitchen islands and dining areas

Warm, Rich Colors: White-only kitchens are less popular. Dramatic colour tones that contrast, like warm, rich colours with subdued neutrals, are back.

High Drama Marble and Stone: In recent years, white marble has been considered an unsafe material option for worktops owing to its sensitivity to stains and chipping.

Butler s Pantries and Storage Galore: Storage space is essential in every area, particularly the kitchen.The latest kitchen trend is butler's pantries.

Outdoor Kitchens and Connection to Nature: Interconnecting indoor and outdoor environments is another maturing trend. Large sliding doors, comparable materials, and complimentary colour palettes

Induction Cooktops: Induction cooking has been common in Europe for decades and is growing in the U.S. due to the gas stove safety discussion this year.

Communal Eat-in Kitchens: Kitchen design should allow kids and visitors to stay awhile. Islands must fit the entire family, and counter stools must be comfy.