1. 'Amazing Grey'

'Amazing' aptly describes the extraordinary colors of this variety. From slate grey to misty purple, it offers single and semi-double flowers, some delicately picoteed.

2. 'Angel's Choir'/'Dawn Chorus'

'Angel's Choir' offers a blend of flower forms and colors, sometimes known as Dawn Chorus . Its single and semi-double flowers come in cream, coral, lavender, and pink shades with many bicolors and picotees.

3. 'Bridal Silk'

'Bridal Silk' presents elegant, pure white single flowers with silky petals surrounding a golden eye. It complements white-flowered plants and is perfect for cool and calm white garden settings.

4. Falling In Love

Ideal for pastel borders with grey foliage and pastel roses, it adds a lovely touch to cottage backyard planting schemes. Remove single-flowered plants to preserve the doubles during self-sowing.

5. Ladybird

'Ladybird' is a striking annual poppy with bright postbox-red petals and bold black blotches at the base. Its compact nature makes it ideal for fronting evergreen shrubs or spring flowering plants.

6. Mother Of Pearl

'Mother of Pearl' offers delicately toned flowers in misty grey, lilac, mauve, pink, soft orange, and white, without any red blooms. Developed by English artist and gardener Sir Cedric Morris.

7. Pandora

'Pandora' presents a unique blend of mostly double and semi-double flowers in wine red and various pink and wine tones.

8. Shirley (Aka Reverend Wilks Variety )

'Shirley', also known as Reverend Wilks Variety , features single flowers in white, pale lilac, pink, and red shades, with a white zone at the base of each petal. Look for the double-flowered form for added charm.